Government Transparency

California and the United States as a whole is a democracy. For our great democracy to work, citizens must have access to all knowledge about the workings of the government. Citizens can not vote if they are kept in the dark or can’t understand the legal wording about our legislative process. For these reasons, I will not waver from the official Republican platform which states:

“We support an open and transparent government that is accessible to all people that it represents. Federal, state and local government bodies should make available all legislative, budget & spending documents in an easily searchable online database. We believe that all government bodies should publicly broadcast their meetings by means of television or internet streaming and provide ample time for public input in their decision making process. We support a transparent legislative process that would require legislation to be in print and available for public review at least 72 hours prior to any action being taken on the item.”

I would also go one step further. All documents and bills posted online should have annotated versions that explain complicated and legal language to the average citizen. For too long, the politicians in Sacramento have thrived by keeping the public in the dark.