Press Release: Statement on 2018 State of the State Address


January 25, 2018

Mr. Clark's Official Statement on Governor Brown's 2018 State of the State Address


There is no measure for the disappointment I have in Governor Brown's final ‘State of the State’ address. It is not only misleading to Californians, but grounded in a false reality that ignores basic facts. The harsh truth is that our state is hardly in a place where the language used is warranted. Phrases such as “California is prospering” or “we should never forget the bounty and the endless opportunity bestowed on this special place” severely undercut the mounting and pressing challenges facing the state. In fact I would go as far to say that those words are just downright insulting to the working class families who have been struggling to meet ends meet.

Housing costs are on the rise with no long term solution to combat the housing crisis, the cost of living is skyrocketing right along side it, our poverty rates (when adjusted for cost of living) are among the highest in the country, our infrastructure is crumbling and instead of eliminating waste in areas like Caltrans (considered one of the most corrupt agencies in the US) the current solution was the harmful gas tax, and we spend some of the least per student in education compared to other states...despite having the sixth largest economy in the world. Explain to any Californian how this is prospering. The citizens of our great state aren't stupid. Most of us are not blind to this harsh reality...we face the fact that we have a legislature who has made all these problems simply a way of life. Such ignorance to reality is common in Sacramento.  Our legislature lives in a bubble right alongside Governor Brown, but we do not need to accept it. It is long overdue that citizens unite as Californians and Americans first by not allowing those responsible for this mess to remain in office.

For to long the politicians in Sacramento have relied on us accepting their corruption as a way of life. They have thrived due to our severely low voter turnout. This cannot be allowed to continue. To much is at stake for us to keep electing the same old same old politician types.We need community members. People in office who would be committed to long term positive change. In order to fix something you have to admit it is broken.


So in the least cynical way possible I say this: California is broken.


I say it so that we can come together to fix it. I admit the truth so that solutions grounded in facts and reality can be discussed in robust open debate. The time of our legislature operating in the shadows and ignoring our pressing issues must end. We sink or we swim together, and I ask each and every Californian who wants to see us really prosper to spread this message. Republicans and democrats alike. Removing this bureaucratic corruption and facing reality is something everyone should be able to get behind.



Justin Clark

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