Press Release: Statement on Government Shutdown


January 20, 2018

Mr. Clark's Official Statement on the Government Shutdown

Last evening marked a moment that should leave every American with a feeling of profound disappointment in their elected officials. Funding for the government is one of the very basic duties of our congressman, and the fact that they have allowed the government to shutdown over political games and grandstanding is nothing short of negligence. Every man and woman who serves on the hill is not free from the consequences of their actions. Each member, regardless of party, bears some responsibility on their shoulders. Going forward we need solutions, not bickering and name calling. Now is not the time to be spreading hatred and blame, but rather be working towards fulfilling obligations owed to the American people.


Let me be clear when I say there should be no 'winners' of this shutdown. Government funding is not a tool to be used to score petty political points, but is this really unexpected? Congress has the lowest approval rating of our three branches of government on the Federal level, yet the same people keep getting elected. We cannot expect real change until we hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. Remember what happened last evening when you go to cast your vote next election. Americans deserve better.

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