Press Release: Statement on the Need for Civility and the Return to Constructive Public Discourse


June 26, 2018

Statement on the Need for Civility and the Return to Constructive Public Discourse


Mr. Justin Clark’s statement:

"Like many people from all sides of the political spectrum I watched with shame and disgust as Maxine Waters, an elected member of congress, called for harassment of the President's cabinet as a form of protest. Make no mistake that calling for the forming of crowds to demean others and intimidate others is a guarantee towards circumstances that could easily devolve into mob violence.


What is more concerning is that Democratic leadership was not quick to STRONGLY condemn the actions. This type of rhetoric is vile and polarizing. The fact it is coming from a United States Congresswoman is utterly shameful. The response should be bipartisan in nature….but it is not. In the background of video footage easily available online you will see none other than my opponent. Assemblyman Gabriel is not merely present at the rally but can be seen clapping at the controversial remarks.


Assemblyman Gabriel ran his campaign claiming he would represent all citizens of the valley and even be willing to work across the aisle, but now less than a month after being sworn in he has shown that to be empty rhetoric. The Assemblyman should immediately publicly condemn Congresswoman Waters remarks and make it clear that such behavior is simply unacceptable."


Timestamped Video Footage of the Remarks that Show Mr. Gabriel via CNN:

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