The government has done the impoverished a disservice by giving handouts over tools. The legislature should be doing everything in their power to remove the barriers faced by the lower class, and EMPOWERING them to help themselves.

Β For anything to be done that truly helps the lower class, both Republicans and Democrats are going to have to realize we are Californians and Americans first. This is not a partisan issue. If something works we should adopt it. The legislature must work to identify and remove barriers in the impoverished areas. We need innovation and groundbreaking ideas. We must also not just focus on the individual, but rather build up entire communities. We must work with the local leaders, charities, and anyone who is willing and able to help. We are stronger together. We are also going to need to confront some tough questions, such as some involving race. We need to be able to have an open dialogue not hindered by political correctness, but rather empowered by facts.