We have a duty to provide all our youth with the best and most robust K-12 education free of cost, and to ensure higher education institutions are AFFORDABLE to all.

  • ย As a state, we have the power and choice to set our own educational curriculum for K-12. Our students deserve the best and the federal government has no place telling us otherwise. I support a curriculum for our students that prepares them for life beyond school, and provides them a world-class education (the legislature must work with innovators, educators, and more to design this curriculum). No one knows better on how to execute this curriculum than the local school districts themselves. The state should set the standards, and the districts should have control on how those standards are met. Each area is different and diverse, and no one knows their students better than local districts.

  • Among those standards should be mandated maximum classroom sizes, more specialized electives, and assistance in the college application process (such as Englishย teachers helping with admission essays).

  • For higher education, we must ensure it is affordable to all who wish to attend. Our current system leads to obscene amounts of student debt and is an unnecessary burden. That is not to say I believe college should be free. It should be accessible, affordable, and practical to attend.

  • There should also be alternate routes available for those who may not be right for college. Places such as trade schools are available as alternatives.