The Economy

If we ever want to see California’s economy flourish, then we need to quell the over regulation (while also adding regulation to areas that need it), ensure competition in the market, and give people the tools to help themselves. The legislature must also act IMMEDIATELY on creating a responsible and sound budget that works for its citizens, not just an average budget that maintains the broken status quo.

  • Economic Environment: California has suffered from a slow recovery in large part due to over regulation and its extreme cost of living. The state's “economic recovery” is also not being felt outside the major cities. We must remove the over regulation while also creating a business-friendly environment that shows in our tax code. This is not to say regulation is not needed. Currently there are some areas that require more regulation and others that require less.


I agree with the California GOP on infrastructure: “For California's businesses to grow, thrive, and create wealth, a first-class physical infrastructure is necessary. We support investment in California’s transportation infrastructure through “pay as you go” financing that utilizes existing revenue sources for their intended purpose. We oppose bonded indebtedness or the use of other revenues to fund high-speed rail.”


  • State Budget: California’s current budget may be balanced, however it is reckless and irresponsible. It ignores the volatility of income tax and leaves us unprepared for the next recession. We are at EXTREME risk of economic disaster during the next recession. The budget must be overhauled with bipartisan support so that we are prepared and responsible in regard to the future by relaying on stable sources of income for our state.

I will NEVER waver on fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget.

  • Welfare and the Safety Net: Government is doing a disservice when it is just giving handouts. I believe in overhauling our welfare system with innovative ideas. A safety net will still be there to catch those falling, but we should also focus on lifting those people back up (all programs should not cause any dependency). Give people the tools to help themselves. Just a few places to start:

Expand and reform job subsidies in a way that helps not only the employee but the business. This provides growth and more employment opportunities over the long term

Remove obstacles in impoverished areas. Create temporary tax free zones in the most impoverished parts of the state and inner cities.

Enlist the help of community and faith based institutions.